Parenting is one of the most important jobs you will ever do, it can also be very challenging and exacerbating at times.

Did you and/or your partner have a difficult and traumatic experience bringing your child into the world or into your care?

Did you as a child have a difficult upbringing with your parents/carers?

Are you a new parent who is feeling isolated, low in self-confidence or are you anxious? 

Are you finding it difficult to adjust into your new role? 

Are you worried about your child or teenager’s challenging behaviour and would you like supportive strategies to help you overcome these? 

Counselling can offer you a caring and confidential space where you can talk, feel heard and not judged. You won’t be told what to do, but you will be supported to find your own way as a parent as you are the expert on you and your family. 

My personal goal is to help you as a parent to grow in confidence, to trust in your own judgement and to have a better life and connection with your child.